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Emergency-call server

Emergency-call server T-D-Notserv

KMM T-D-KOM GmbH has been developing and producing emergency-call servers for over ten years.

With our product, TD-Notserv, you can process information from various external systems in order to alert or inform the persons responsible, both specifically and efficiently. TD-Notserv is manufacturer-independent and is therefore compatible with the vast majority of telecommunications installations.

Information is directed to the server via a range of input interfaces and redistributed via a series of output interfaces. In this way the emergency-call server allows the staff responsible to be contacted immediatly. This rapid and reliable information sharing service prevents loss of time in an emergency and can be extremely important in saving lifes. Our system is based on separate modules which makes it ideal for use in small and more complex projects. The modular, platform-based design ensures optimal flexibility and excellent cost-effectiveness.

This interface architecture allows single modules to be positioned in the network communicating simultaneously with each other via TCP/IP or through a SQL database. The software is programmed in dot.Net and is therefore compatible with the majority of Windows platforms.

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