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Patient entertainment services

Patient account settlement system

KMM T-D-KOM GmbH has over ten years experience in developing patient account settlement systems for hospitals, convalescent centres and care homes for the elderly. Our system, based on the client-server principle, is compatible with most TC installations. A range of different accounting methods, e.g. prepayment, are available to patients. In addition, it is possible to settle your account at paystations accessed, for example, using RFID chip cards or barcodes.

Patient registration data for new arrivals at a health care establishment can be obtained and transferred quickly via a HL7 KIS interface. Our communications systems also work via interfaces to offer access to external services, e.g. restaurants, the internet, IP-TV. Costs incurred by patients using these facilities are then charged automatically to the patient's identification card. Television in patients' rooms and the building automation technology are also controlled through our communications systems.

Patient entertainment — more than just television

As a partner KMM T-D-KOM GmbH provides a full range of services conveniently brought together under one roof. We work closely with you from initial meeting through consultation, development and production to final project realisation. Our interdisciplinary team offers both clients and patients simple, innovative and high quality solutions tailor-made to meet individual needs. Our aim is to make life easier and more comfortable for patients.

Our technical systems are specifically developed for hospitals and care homes and are ergonomically optimised for patient use. Their simple design allows them to be cleaned and disinfected quickly by hospital staff and when more space is required at the bedside they can be simply folded out of the way.

Patients can enjoy their favourite programmes on a high resolution TFT display which is mounted on the wall of the room or fixed to the ceiling. Channels, programmes and functions are selected via a touch screen. This is simple and fun to operate and spares patients the continual search for the remote control. In addition, they can use the touch screen to write e-mails and to access the internet at any time.
Alongside our hardware and software systems, KMM T-D-KOM GmbH also offers a full range of other services providing project support, maintenance and management all from the one source.

Individual planning and support

  • installation and configuration of systems
  • training for hospital and care staff
  • maintenance and servicing of all systems
  • round the clock support and technical assistance
  • price negotiation with external providers
  • provision of a range of information and entertainment products
  • marketing and advertising
  • settlement of patients' accounts (via attractive flatrates) for services used